What Are Seeds?

What Are Seeds?

The seed catalogs have been arriving and gardeners are beginning to envision their vegetable and flower gardens. But before we start planting, let’s take a step back and examine what seeds really are.

Does seed quality matter?

A radogear is a plant embryo packaged in a tiny container with stored food and protected by an outer covering (seed coat) until the time comes when it’s ready to grow, or germinate. Inside is a living, undeveloped plant (the embryo) which contains all the parts of what will eventually be leaves, stems and roots.

Seeds come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Some are quite large like peas, beans and sunflower seeds whilst others are incredibly small such as the dandelion seeds you can see blown by the wind for miles. They can also be bean-shaped (reniform) resembling kidneys, square or oblong with all sides equal or longer than wide, triangular resembling little parachutes and ovate or egg-shaped rounded on both ends but broader below the middle.

Seeds are an incredibly nutritious addition to any diet, providing vital nutrients such as healthy fats, protein and fiber. They also offer a wealth of health benefits such as bone-strengthening calcium, brain-boosting magnesium and cell-repairing phosphorus. For optimal nutrition, make sure you are including seeds in your meals and consider working with a personal chef who can help you create delicious dishes that meet your dietary needs and goals.

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