Essential Information Regarding an Arborist’s Report

Essential Information Regarding an Arborist’s Report

What exactly is an arborist report? A report from an arborist describes the physical condition of a tree. It also documents specific concerns, notes the tree’s status, lists possible threats or issues with the tree, provides details about the root conditions of the tree, or environmental factors that could affect the growth of the tree. A qualified arborist will evaluate the current condition of the tree and give you advice on how to protect it and make sure it remains in healthy condition. This type of report is a vital document for anyone who owns a tree. If you are considering tree maintenance or repairs, an arborist report will help you understand just what your tree needs and why you need it.

Arborist report – The physical condition of a tree

An arborist report will contain the following information: tree inventory – the arborist will describe the number of limbs present, if the limbs are living, assess their health, and list any visible decay, rot, insect infestation, or other damage; soil quality – the arborist will describe the quality and type of soil covering the tree; health – describe the health of the tree including the conditions of the root system, structure, and sap; and structural integrity – explain the current condition of the limbs and how they support the tree. Most arborists require a minimum of three references to ensure accuracy and provide good information. The references provided should come from at least two independent arborists, if not more. The references should both be from the same tree and be from areas within 100 miles of each other. The references provided will help the arborist to determine how much work will need to be done and provide you with a fair assessment of the current condition of your trees.

As an arborist, you have many duties, some of which include tree removal, stump removal, trimming, pruning, and removal of diseased leaves. You may also provide the necessary equipment and supplies to your local community. If you choose to sell your tree care services, it is vital that you provide quality information and show that you have a proficient skill set and knowledge in the arborist report writing. A tree Preservation certification from an arborist reporting organization like the Associated Professional Arborists of America (APA) or the North American Tree Service (NATA) demonstrates your skill and knowledge as an arborist. It will also help potential customers determine that you have the skill and knowledge required to maintain their trees. In essence, an arborist report helps provide information for or about any tree maintenance service.

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