Definition of Branding

Definition of Branding

Branding is defined as the promotion of a business with a view to enhance its profit and to promote the products or services that the business has to offer. A unique brand is the name, symbol, word or design, etc., that defines one seller’s product or service as different from those of others. For example, if a hotel has a unique logo, that logo would be branded and thus identified with the company. It would also be considered as a trademark of the hotel. If a particular company wants to become a brand in the industry, then it should be branded in a unique manner that will make a mark on the mind of people who are considering buying a particular product or services.

One can advertise a brand through various promotional activities like advertising on the television, radio and print media. The brand name that is associated with a company’s promotional activities should have the potential to sell a lot of products and services to the general public. In order to get this kind of branding done successfully, it should be carried out through activities that are creative, attractive, memorable and informative. Branding should not only be confined to the promotion of a business, but also to the products and services that the business is offering to its customers. Every company should be able to define its unique identity through branding. For example, if a company has a slogan, which is something that helps consumers identify it, then such a slogan should be associated with all the products and services that the company is offering.

The process of branding involves two important phases, namely, branding and promoting. The latter involves advertising the services and products of the company. It involves getting in touch with the general public through different promotional activities that are designed to sell the products and services of the company to people. The marketing strategies that are implemented in this phase include a variety of techniques that are very appealing to the people and help them get in touch with the companies. One can use radio, television, print and the Internet for increasing the visibility of a particular brand.


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