Bangkok Jewelry Factory

Bangkok Jewelry Factory

Bangkok is known for its sparkling nightlife, shopping and dining but not many know that the capital of Thailand also has a rich jewelry making tradition. Jewelry from all over Asia is brought to this city and most of them are crafted by Thai artists. Most people use Bangkok as an important gateway to get to other tourist destinations such as China and Indonesia but there are still many who make it a point to visit this place on a regular basis. The Bangkok jewelry factory has been operating since 1932 and has been crafting high quality jewelry in every possible manner. These jewelry products are known for their distinct color, design and craftsmanship. Click here –

Proof That Bangkok Jewelry Factory Really Works

A trip to this place is surely incomplete without having a look at their handmade diamond stones. Their necklaces are the most popular among other jewelry since they go well with any type of outfit. If you are planning to buy any piece made by this factory, then the first thing you should do is check their website. At the website you can view their entire range of jewelry and even the price lists. Most times, this factory also offers discounts on orders above a particular amount.

The prices of their jewelry start from a few dollars for simple stones to thousands for exotic designs. Necklaces are also available in various shapes ranging from a small round one to a big diamond pendant that is often displayed during special occasions such as marriage ceremonies. Diamond pendants are crafted to look like it was dropped by a loved one but actually it is a work of art that takes several weeks to complete. This factory makes a lot of custom-designed jewelries each year and they will never stop inventing new designs.

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