Advanced Oxygen Therapy Equipment

Advanced Oxygen Therapy Equipment

AOTI is committed to providing the best quality oxygen therapy equipment to patients and their caregivers.

Which brand is best for oxygen concentrator?

Oxygen therapy equipment delivers oxygen to your blood and tissues for better health. Advanced Oxygen Therapy Equipment are large and stationary systems for home use, as well as smaller portable units that are easy to travel with (portable oxygen). Oxygen therapy can take place anywhere—in a hospital or clinic; in a care facility like a nursing home; at your work site; or at your home.

Chronic wounds can be hypoxic, or low in oxygen, which makes them harder to heal. Topical Wound Oxygen (TWO2) therapy from AOTI is clinically proven in Randomized Controlled Trials and Real World Evidence studies to help heal these wounds at a faster rate and keep them closed longer, reducing hospitalizations, amputations, and overall costs of care.

The AOTI TWO2 system is a multimodality approach that combines higher oxygen delivery with non-contact cyclical compression and humidity, all applied to the skin through a patented application device (the “Boot”) that you can wear in the comfort of your own home or at any clinical setting. The combination of these therapies provides the most effective approach for improving healing of chronic and hard-to-heal wounds.

Your doctor can determine if you need oxygen therapy by using a simple test, known as a pulse oximetry. This small device painlessly clips onto your finger or earlobe and measures the amount of oxygen in your blood by shining light through tiny blood vessels called capillaries. Your doctor may also order a blood gas test to measure your oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in your blood, or a pulmonary function test to assess your lungs‘ ability to send oxygen to your tissues.

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