A Promising Executive in the Medical Marijuana Industry

medical marijuana industry

The medical marijuana industry is booming. Located in New Jersey, five companies currently serve nearly 16,000 patients from dispensaries and online stores. While many people believe the program is still in its infancy, some have criticized the Christie administration for offering too few locations and having too strict qualifications for access. But there are plenty of jobs available, and the industry is thriving. It just needs the right people to help it succeed. Here are a few of the best-suited candidates for the job.

What Challenges Do You Face In The Industry, And What Solutions Would You Like To See?

George Scorsis is a prominent executive in the medical marijuana industry in Florida. He has a wealth of experience in the business and is a well-known businessman with a passion for helping others. He has also been active in the George scorsis Florida business community and is now working on a Florida-based medical marijuana company. His mission statement is to help people with difficult circumstances. He has also become a strong advocate of the medical cannabis industry in Florida.

George Scorsis has been active in the medical marijuana industry since 2004. He recently purchased the Ontario-based Starseed and is committed to helping patients with their medical needs. His company has also expanded its operations to three dispensaries in Florida. Aside from being active in the industry, George Scorsis also makes contributions to the community and the Florida government. With the support of the government, he is a leading advocate for the industry.