Archives August 12, 2023

Repairing Pier and Beam Foundations

Repairing pier and beam foundations is a great option for homes that need to be elevated off the ground due to uneven or unfavorable soil conditions, or for those in flood zones. However, they can also become damaged and require repair.

Because they are built on wood, a pier and beam foundation can be more susceptible to moisture damage than other foundation types. This can negatively affect the stability of the structure. This type of damage usually starts in the beams, which may be made of pressure treated, cedar heartwood, or other rot-resistant wood.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Repairing Pier and Beam Foundation: Saving Your Home’s Structural Integrity

Since the beams are attached to the home’s floor joists, this moisture damage can spread quickly and can affect the entire system. This can lead to a variety of problems in the home, including floor gaps and cracking walls.

In the past, builders often used a mixture of wood and concrete to support the structure. As the years passed, this mixture deteriorated and created weak points that eventually became a problem. This can cause the foundation to shift and sink, creating issues with doors and windows.

The most common warning sign of a problem with a pier and beam foundation is a gap in the floor. This can be caused by the foundation shifting or sinking, or by a misalignment of the floor joists. Getting these problems repaired early can save homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs and prevent future foundation problems.