The Real World AI by Andrew Tate

The Real World AI by Andrew Tate

The Real World AI by Andrew Tate

The real world of AI is a platform for individuals seeking alternative learning methods. Its founder, Andrew Tate, is a controversial figure who advocates for breaking free of the 9-5 work lifestyle and becoming financially independent through wealth creation and starting profitable businesses. His opinions and past business practices have made him a target for criticism from people who view him as a scam artist who preys on the vulnerable.

According to its website, The Real World is a revolutionary educational platform that has revolutionized the way people learn how to make money online and build successful businesses. The Real World is a community of students and teachers who share their knowledge and experience in an engaging, interactive environment. The program offers 18 modern wealth-creation systems and full access to Professors who are available to guide and mentor students on their journey to success.

Inside The Real World AI: Andrew Tate’s Observations

The program has a wide variety of courses, from e-commerce to freelance writing and even cryptocurrency. Its e-commerce courses teach students how to build an online store and generate traffic using dropshipping and private labeling. The freelancing course covers various skills, such as e-commerce copywriting and running paid ads for local businesses. The crypto campus teaches students about long-term investments and trading in the cryptocurrency market.

The Real World also has an affiliate marketing program that pays members who promote the program on social media. This has led to accusations that The Real World is a pyramid scheme, as its owners and users earn money from new members who sign up through their links.

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