The Benefits of Box Squats

The Benefits of Box Squats

box squats

The basic premise of box squats is to squat while bending your knees and sending your hips back. The goal of the exercise is to increase your range of motion and strength, which will benefit your legs and hips. A box squat will help you achieve a lower body workout in a short amount of time.

The Goal Of The Exercise Is To Increase Your Range Of Motion And Strength

Box squats are useful for all types of lifters. They require concentric strength to push the weight back and engage the glutes and hamstrings. These two muscle groups are important for lower body strength in general. This variation of the squat can help trainees to correct sticking points and achieve the correct depth.

When performing box squats, it is important to maintain a tight bottom position and pause slightly before returning to the start position. This will help to prevent a collapse of the body. It is also important to keep your back angle when paused. Lightly touching the box with your back can help you maintain your back angle and prevent injury.

Another benefit of box squats is that the weight is placed behind you, reducing the leverage of your quadriceps. Therefore, you will have to use your leg drive to come up from the bottom position. This will activate your hamstrings, which will pull you forward.

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