Steps in Office IT Relocation

Steps in Office IT Relocation

Office IT Relocation

The first step of Office IT Relocation is planning the move. Make sure the IT staff is involved with the relocation. Relocating equipment can be difficult, expensive, and hard to recycle. To avoid this, consider using services like Drop Zone and TechCollect, which will take care of the IT equipment for you. One major mistake that businesses make when moving is not carefully examining the new location. This can result in unproductive days for staff while they are trying to figure out where everything is and where it needs to go.

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Once you have decided on a new location, you should check the existing infrastructure of the office space. You should make sure that it has the necessary power circuits, sockets, and data cable. If you plan to add more plug points in your new location, you should order a server cabinet with sufficient capacity for your IT needs. Also, you should purchase enough server hardware to accommodate all the devices you intend to use. The server cabinet should be ordered in plenty of time.

The next step in Office IT Relocation is to check the new site’s infrastructure. You should check the wiring, sockets, and data cable. If the office has a telephone system, you must ensure that it can be set up there. Ensure that your new office has enough bandwidth and cabling. If the company does not have the necessary infrastructure, you can consider installing it in the new location before moving. Investing in the proper infrastructure will be less expensive and less time consuming in the long run.

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