Retro-Engine Conversions for Vintage Land Rovers

Retro-Engine Conversions for Vintage Land Rovers

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There’s something about land rover vintage sport utility vehicles that makes them coveted by a wide range of automotive enthusiasts. From classic Jeeps and Toyota Land Cruisers to Ford Broncos, these off-road trucks have been part of a resurgent craze in recent years.

The most beloved of these is the Land Rover Defender, which has become a cult icon among off-roaders, truckies and vintage car enthusiasts. In fact, the Defender is credited with helping drive a broader revival of vintage SUVs.

Whether they’re in rust buckets or pristine condition, old-school Defenders are a popular choice with collectors. And while they’ve gained a reputation as a hard-core off-roader, many of these vehicles are also capable on the road.

It’s no wonder, then, that the Land Rover Defender is one of the most sought-after SUVs on the market. As a result, it’s easy to find vintage Land Rovers in great shape for sale.

A Collector’s Guide to Vintage Land Rovers: How to Find, Evaluate, and Buy Your Dream Car

What’s more, a growing number of companies specialize in retro-engine conversions for classic SUVs. This is a great opportunity for fans of older Land Rovers and other off-road vehicles to upgrade their prized vehicles without breaking the bank.

These specialized shops replace the oil-sucking engines of vintage cars with electric ones, which can provide a much more potent alternative to their gasoline counterparts. In fact, a company in Wales has even converted a Defender into an electric 450-horsepower vehicle that’s perfect for tackling the dirt.

In this case, a 1972 two-door Defender was restored by Ricardo Hannig and his business Cool & Vintage. The team poured a lifetime of knowledge and experience into the restoration process, including preserving the original light green paint that was used on these vehicles during its pre-production period. And now, Cool & Vintage has launched the first of a limited run of “Reborn” Land Rovers, which will have a special color combination and period-appropriate trim.

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