Mega Patches – 10 Ways to Spice Up Your Denim!

Mega Patches – 10 Ways to Spice Up Your Denim!

Mega Patches

Whether you want to spice up your denim, spruce up a plain tee, or accessorize your bag with this set of 10 Mega Patches you are sure to find the perfect style for you.

Made from pre-owned t-shirts and tracksuits that have been embellished with hand-collaged printed patches. Each garment is unique, so colors and patterns may vary.

This is a great way to show your support for the horde! This is a fabric sew-on patch that measures 13 inches wide and 14 inches tall. It’s made from durable materials that will hold its color in nearly any environment. Show your love for the horde with this Mad Viking original patch!

Maximizing Expression: The Aesthetics of Mega Custom Patches

MEGA PATCH(tm) is different from a “cold patch” product in that it is designed to become a part of the pavement once it dries. This material will not shrink, crack, erode or degrade in any way and it is more resistant to weather and UV rays than asphalt.

MEGA PATCH(tm) is made from a water based co-polymer binder with select stone aggregates. Unlike other cold patch products that are applied to the surface of the pothole, MEGA PATCH(tm) bonds with the side walls of the hole and becomes a permanent part of the pavement.

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