Sum-Rate Upper Bounds for the Gaussian X Channel with Limited Receiver Cooperation

Surapol Tan-a-ram, Watit Benjapolkul


In this paper, we propose sum-rate upper bounds in terms of the sum of 3 rates and the sum of 4 rates for the two-user Gaussian X channel with limited receiver cooperation. These upper bounds are derived by using the Fano's inequality, the data processing inequality and genie-aided techniques. Then, we explore the generalized degrees of freedom (GDoF) of the proposed upper bounds with a symmetric channel setting. By setting a certain set of parameters, the received results show that our results are identical to the existing results for both non-cooperation and limited receiver cooperation cases. Moreover, we obtain that the GDoF computed from our proposed
upper bounds are greater than the GDoF of those in the non-cooperation case.

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