Computation of Extended Suzuki Mobile Fading Channel (Type I) Parameters

Amin Al Ka'bi


The analysis and modeling of mobile fading communications channels has been an active research topic since early beginnings of mobile radio systems. In mobile wireless communication systems, the multipath propagation in addition to the movement of the receiver and/or the transmitter leads to drastic and random fluctuations of the received signal. For flat fading channels, the extended Suzuki process of type (I) has been proposed as a stochastic model of such received signal fluctuations. In this paper we discuss this stochastic model and an appropriate deterministic model, and subsequently present and analyze simulation results based on these models. In this paper, a method to mitigate the effect of multipath propagation using an adaptive array antenna is presented. It is shown that by controlling a number of active elements and their spacing the array’s capability to eliminate scattered signals can be enhanced in the presence of pointing errors.

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