A modified-SAW for network selection in heterogeneous wireless networks

Fayssal Bendaoud, Fedoua Didi, Marwen Abdennebi


In the context of heterogeneous networks, users with multi-mode terminals can connect to different radio access technologies such as 802.16, 802.11, HSPA and LTE at the same time. The challenge here is to achieve the Always Best Connected ABC concept; the main issue is the automatic choice of the suitable Radio Access Technology RAT from the list of the available RATs. This decision is called the network selection. In this paper, we propose a modified-SAW function to deal with the drawbacks of the existing solutions. Indeed, the existing MADMs methods suffer mainly from the famous problem of rank reversal once an alternative is added or removed, other problems occur in the legacy MADMs such as the sensitiveness to the user preference in TOPSIS; the penalization of the alternatives with poor attributes values in WPM. Our simulations brought out the lakes of the traditional MADMs approach in the context of network selection. We modify the SAW method intelligently and we use it to solve the network selection problem. Finally, we compare the performance of our solution with the previous works in different scenarios; the simulations show that our proposal outperforms the other existing methods.

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