Bat Optimization for a Dual-Source Energy Management in an Electric Vehicle Energy Storage Strategy

Boumediène Allaoua, Abdellah Laou, Brahim Mebarki


This paper presents a new strategy of dual source management using Bat-optimization for an electric vehicle energy storage strategy. The power distribution between fuel cell and super-capacitor modules for obtain a good performance is an essential problem in dual-source electric vehicles. Traditional numerical optimization for energy management relies too much on the expert experience, and it's easy to get the sub-optimal performance. In order to overcome this drawback, a new intelligent method metaheuristic of Bat optimization is introduced for energy management in dual-source propelled electric vehicle. This work, based on the systemic power analysis in the energy storage strategy, the vehicle power propulsion system encounters and the constraints the energy storage strategy should obey. Then, dierent operation modes of dual-source systemic power analysis in energy storage strategy are presented. Finally, the results show the validity of the proposed technique.

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