Determination of the Optimal Battery Capacity of a Grid-connected Photovoltaic System with Power and Frequency Fluctuations Consideration

Chattrin Thongsawaeng, Kulyos Audomvongseree


Power and frequency uctuations are main problems of a grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) system. To eectively remedy this problem, appropriate size of battery should be installed into the PV system. In this paper, the dynamic model of the photovoltaic system and battery are discussed. The battery used in this analysis is lead-acid battery. In addition, the dependent structure of solar irradiance and ambient temperature are taken into account. The proposed algorithm begins with solar radiation-temperature model. Then, the output power of the PV system will be calculated based on the PV dynamic model. The rest of the interconnected power system is modeled as a small synchronous generator. The proposed algorithm has been tested with a 3-bus test system. Satisfactory results were obtained.

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