Development Composite Customer Damage Function Using the Customer Survey Based Method for Power System Reliability Planning

Panuwat Teansri, Pornrapeepat Bhasaputra, Woraratana Pattaraprakorn


The optimization in reliability cost-benefit analysis for distribution investment planning has been more attended on energy delivery services in Thailand. In this research, the reliability costs for the customer point of views represented as the interruption costs are presented. The data for analysis is provided from customer survey-based method during 2008-2009. Due to the direct and indirect impacts for electric customer in each category are different, the concept and methodology for data collecting based on customer survey is described. According to interruption costs are different for each sector, the customer survey results are classified into four customer sectors. In each sector, the individual customer damage function derived from survey is aggregated to develop sector customer damage function. The composite customer damage function utilized in regional reliability investment planning is also presented. In addition, the reliability cost evaluation in term of interrupted energy assessment rate for the selected industrial estate is determined in order to investigate industrial customer impact at the level of microeconomics scale. Application areas of reliability cost indices to enhance the effectiveness planning and operation of power distribution system are also recommended.

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