Calculating Leakage Inductances of Split-Windings in Dry-Type Traction Transformers

Davood Azizian, Mehdi Vakilian, Jawad Faiz, Mehdi Bigdeli


Calculating leakage inductances between windings of multi-winding traction transformers is one of the most important schemes in design procedure. In this paper, a new analytical method and finite element models have been introduced for electromagnetic modeling of traction transformers with four split windings. Using these methods, the leakage inductances between the split windings are calculated and the methods have been validated with the help of experimental data gathered from a typical 4000kVA cast-resin dry-type transformer. Some reformations are employed to improve the finite element results and effects of these reformations on accuracy of the models are studied. Employing the validated models, the effects of middle yoke on the leakage inductances of split-winding traction transformer are discussed in this paper.

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