Controlling Chaotic Ferroresonance in Autotransformer connecting Metal Oxide Surge Arrester and Neutral Earth Resistance

Hamid Radmanesh


This paper investigates the effect of linear core losses, metal oxide surge arrester (MOSA) and neutral earth resistance on the onset of chaotic ferroresonance and controlling these overvoltages in an autotransformer. The transformer is chosen for study has a rating of 50 MVA, 635.1 kV. The magnetization characteristic of the autotransformer is modeled by a nonlinear polynomial. The core loss is modeled by linear core losses and is shown as a linear resistance. Three state of ferroresonance are studied: (i) onset of chaos due to interrupt in switching action including linear core losses of the transformer, (ii) effect of MOSA on the limiting these oscillation, and (iii) completely controlling effect of neutral earth resistance on the ferroresonance overvoltages. Results of simulation have been derived and shown by nonlinear dynamics method such as bifurcation diagrams, phase plan and time domain simulations.

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