Comparison between Fuzzy Sliding Mode and Traditional IP Controllers in a Speed Control of a Doubly Fed Induction Motor

Youcef Bekakra, Djillani Ben Attous2


Many industrial applications require new control techniques in order to obtain fast response and to improve the dynamic performances. One of the techniques users, fuzzy sliding mode control which is characterizes by robustness and insensitivity to the parameters variation. In this paper, we present a comparative study of a direct stator flux orientation control of doubly fed induction motor by two regulators: traditional IP controller and fuzzy sliding mode. The three regulators are applies in speed regulation of doubly fed induction motor (DFIM). The robustness between these two regulators was tested and validated under simulations with the presence of variations of the parameters of the motor, in particular the face of disturbances of load torque. The results show that the fuzzy sliding mode controller has best performance than the traditional IP controller.

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