Development of Differential Amplifier Based the Second Generation Current Conveyors

Wanlop Surakampontorn, Khanittha Kaewdang


In this article, developments of Second Generation Current Conveyors (CCII) that are realized by based on the use of a differential amplifier (diff-amp) as a circuit building block are reviewed. The basic concepts of current conveyor are firstly outlined. One of the first CMOS-based promising techniques to implement CCII that proposed by Surakampontorn et al. is reviewed [9-11]. The applications of Surakampontorn’s CCII as basic circuit building blocks to realize analog circuits and systems and the modifications methods to provide multiple outputs CCIIs are outlined and discussed. Based on feedback mechanisms, diff-amp-based CCIIs that are designed by modified from the CCII are also outlined and discussed. In order to understand the improvement, the characteristics of the CCIIs that have been compared through simulation results by Hassanenin et al. [11] are presented. Finally, the concept of chemical current conveyor (CCCII) is also noted.

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