A Novel Sliding Mode Fuzzy Control based on SVM for Electric Vehicles Propulsion System

Allaoua Boumediène, Laoufi Abdellah


This paper presents a new sliding mode fuzzy control (SMFC) scheme for torque control of induction motors of the electric vehicles propulsion system. The control principle is based on sliding mode fuzzy control combined with space vector modulation (SVM) technique. The sliding mode fuzzy control contributes to the robustness of induction motor wheel drives of the electric vehicle propulsion system, and the space vector modulation improves the torque, flux, and current steady-state performance by reducing the ripple. The Lyapunov direct method reinforced with fuzzy logic is used to ensure the reaching and sustaining of sliding mode and stability of the control system. The performance of the proposed system is compared with those of conventional sliding mode controller and classical PI controller. Finally, computer simulation results verify the validity of the proposed method and show that the proposed control scheme provides robust dynamic characteristics with low torque ripple.

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