DFIG Sliding Mode Control Driven by Wind Turbine with Using a SVM Inverter for Improve the Quality of Energy Injected into the Electrical Grid

Youcef Bekakra, Djilani Ben Attous


This paper presents a simulation study of Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) controlled by sliding mode control (SMC) applied to achieve control of active and reactive powers exchanged between the stator of the DFIG and the grid. In this paper, a variable speed wind turbine is considered with DFIG and dierent power electronic converter topologies: (i) Carried based Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), (ii) Space Vector Modulation (SVM). To improve the quality of energy injected into the electrical grid, we propose SVM technique which allows the minimizing of harmonics stator current and wide linear modu- lation range. The feasibility and eectiveness of the method is demonstrated by simulation results. The obtained results showed that, the proposed SMC with SVM inverter have stator and rotor current with low harmonic distortion and low active and reactive powers ripples than PWM inverter.

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