A Design Study of 4/2 Switched Reluctance Motor Using Particle Swarm Optimization

Winna Phuangmalai, Mongkol Konghirun, Nattapon Chayopitak


This paper presents the use of particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm applied to the optimal design of the 4/2 switched reluctance motor (SRM). The main advantage of designing 4/2 SRM is the robust rotor structure for high speed unidirectional rotating applications such as the air conditioner's blower. In the designing process, the nite element method magnetics (FEMM) is employed to analyze the designing SRM with its optimized parameters given by PSO. This PSO algorithm is ecient and exible. The objective function is based on the ripple torque minimization with respect to rotor node position. The PSO algorithm is described and the FEMM simulation results with detailed analysis will be given for verifying optimal rotor design by PSO algorithm.

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