Determining Number of e-Node B for Digital Dividend Public Safety Communication in Jakarta Area

Gerson Damanik, Djamhari Sirat, Dadang Gunawan


Today, the use of communication system for public safety and regulation purposes is still narrowband based, that is communication that transmits low-speed voice and data services. Each government agency, such as the government of Jakarta (Pemda DKI), police, health department, re department, and the national disaster management agency, builds its own network independently. Therefore, it is difcult to coordinate the service between agencies if there is an emergency situation or disaster. Good communication system for public safety services will create conducive condition that will eventually create tranquility in the community. Jakarta, as the capital city of Indonesia, needs communication systems that create such condition. This paper determines the number of e-Node B for 700 MHz digital dividend network for Public Safety Communication services in Jakarta based on LTE technology. The services include voice, video, and data. In this study, it is assumed that determination of the required number of e-Node B is started from year 2012 to 2022 by considering the bit rate required by the public safety ocer. The assumption of ratio of public safety ocer in Jakarta is based on its population data. Radio network planning is based on coverage approach and capacity approach. The design of its coverage and capacity are analysed by using network dimensioning. Dimensioning coverage is conducted by calculating the link budget for dense urban, and urban areas. We use the 9955 RNP (Radio Network Planning) to calculate the link budget and predict the system's coverage. From the calculation, it is shown that e-Node B number required to cover the Jakarta area is 140. Dimensioning of capacity is based on the services bit rate required by the public safety ocer. The services are , voice, video, and data. Trac prole is based on the assumption in year 2012, 2015, and 2020. By the capacity calculation, it is shown that a total of 49 sites is required.

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