Asset Management for Power Transformer in High Voltage Substation

Thanapong Suwanasri, Rattanakorn Phadungthin, Cattareeya Suwanasri


In this paper, an innovative asset management in inventory control of power transformer in high voltage substation is proposed. Using Pareto analysis, the components of power transformer are classified into ABC Classes. Class A means the few most expensive ones that need special care. Class B means ordinary ones that need standard care. Class C means the large number of cheap items that need little care. The inventory management strategies as statistical distribution methods, economic ordering policy, and two-bin policy are initiatively applied to the transformer components in the ABC Classes. Finally, the optimum number of spare parts, the optimum ordering quantity, the suitable time for reordering, and the saving inventory cost are determined in order to minimize the total inventory cost. The power transformer fleet in Thailand is presented as example of inventory control of transmission asset.

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