A Novel Modelling and Controlling of Distributed Power Flow Controller (DPFC) Base on PSO Algorithm

Ali Ajami, Behrouz Soulat, Amin Safari


This paper focuses mainly on the state modelling controlling of a new FACTS device named Distributed Power Flow Controller (DPFC). The paper also discusses the role and function of DPFC in power flow controlling together with its economic evaluation. DPFC is one of the Distributed FACTS (D-FACTS) devices. Its function is similar to that of UPFC but instead of one series converters, several low power series converters are used in DPFC. Therefore, DPFC includes multiple series converters and one shunt converter without common dc link. This eventually enables the DPFC to fully control all power system parameters. It, also, increases the reliability of the device and reduces its cost simultaneously. In this study a novel current injection model of DPFC is presented. The suggested model is suitable for steady state and stability studies. To use the presented model, a proper control system is needed. In this paper the PSO algorithm is used for optimal designing of controller parameters. Application of DPFC in different operating conditions and failure in series converters are simulated with Matlab/Simulink software .The presented control system enables the DPFC to control the active and reactive power flow at the transmission line independently. In conclusion, the resented simulation results show the validity and effectiveness of suggested modelling and control system of DPFC for power flow controlling.

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