How to Make a Woven Basket

How to Make a Woven Basket

woven basket

Woven baskets are an integral part of everyday life in rural and urban areas of Asia, Africa, and South America. They are made from materials that are locally harvested, dried, and then bundled into bundles of varying sizes. These bundles are then heated in a fire, pliable, and finally woven together. Basket makers are highly skilled and rely on a complex system of rules to produce beautiful, functional baskets.

The woven basket is one of the oldest forms of basket making, dating back to prehistoric times. The process of weaving is a skill that is passed on through generations of families in many cultures around the world, often as a way to pass down their heritage. Woven baskets are a unique, decorative and utilitarian piece that can be used for storage or display.

Versatile and Timeless: Incorporating Woven Baskets into Your Home Decor

Weave the first row of your basket. Starting with a new strip of paper, weave it into the base over and under the other strips you have laid out. Repeat this for all 4 sides of the basket. If you are forming a square shape, then hold the corners together with clothespins as you continue to weave.

Continue weaving until you reach the height of the rays or your desired basket size. Each time you begin a new row of weaving, slide the end of your paper tube into the hole of the reed that was woven before it. This will add strength and stability to the basket.

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