High Waisted Seamless Leggings

High Waisted Seamless Leggings

high waisted seamless leggings

The best high-waisted seamless leggings offer a second-skin feel, support your curves and contour the waistline for a slimming effect. They’re also comfortable to wear, reducing friction that can cause irritation and chafing. Plus, seamless leggings don’t roll down, making them the perfect option for any activewear occasion.

To find the best high-waisted seamless leggings, we talked to experts, including UK-based stylist Emma Lightbown; personal stylist and fashion blogger Tara West; stylist and creative consultant Lauren Glazer; and Stylist Witch founder Gabriela Rosales. We also evaluated customer reviews and ratings from sites like Amazon, as well as standardized testing of fit, hold, opaqueness and durability.

Workout Leggings 101: A Guide to Finding the Ideal Pair for Your Fitness Routin

In our tests, leggings that are see-through or transparent in certain positions—like when you stretch, squat and bend—are a big no-no. The material needs to be durable enough to handle the demands of sweaty workouts. Our editors also rated leggings on their comfort, softness and versatility, as well as whether or not they had pockets.

After a week of research, shopping and testing, we narrowed down our picks to 10 pairs of black high-waisted seamless leggings. To test the products, Associate Commerce Editor Erika Reals wore each pair of leggings to a gym class and used a standardized scoring system to rate each one on their fabric, fit, opaqueness, hold and durability. She also considered customer reviews and the size range of each pair in her evaluations. Here, the top five pairs that made the cut, according to our experts:

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