Credit Report Lawyers


Credit Report Lawyers

credit report lawyers

Attorneys for false credit reporting lawyers are equipped to handle credit report disputes and a wide range of other consumer credit issues, including identity theft and unfair debt collection practices. They are also well versed in federal laws, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), that protect consumers from inaccurate credit reporting and history information and unlawful practices by debt collectors. They can effectively help you correct credit errors, obtain monetary damages, and safeguard your financial future.

The Legal Battle for Credit Repair: Stories of Success

A credit lawyer will start by reviewing your credit report and determining what errors need to be corrected. They will then craft a detailed letter to the CRA identifying the errors and asking for thorough investigation and correction of the inaccurate information. The CRA has 30 days to respond, and must either delete the incorrect information or provide you with proof of the error. The CRA cannot re-insert the inaccurate information without providing you with notice, which would violate your rights under the FCRA.

If the CRA or creditor does not resolve the dispute to your satisfaction, then your credit attorney will file a lawsuit against them, which could lead to a judgment awarding you monetary damages. Additionally, the law requires that CRAs and creditors who lose court cases pay a consumer’s legal fees, so you may not be out any money out-of-pocket. Contact a credit report attorney near you to schedule a free case evaluation. Many credit attorneys offer a free telephone evaluation so you can evaluate your options without any cost.

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