Benefits of Virtual Machine Hosting

Benefits of Virtual Machine Hosting

A virtual machine hosting (VM) is a computing resource that uses software instead of a physical computer to run programs and deploy apps. VMs can be used across on-premises or cloud environments for a variety of use cases.

Virtualization technology dates back to the early 1960s when major companies launched virtualization software for mainframe environments. Today, businesses can leverage server virtualization to consolidate infrastructure, improve efficiency and lower costs for all applications in a host environment or in the cloud.

VM Hosting

Unlike shared web hosting, a VM hosted by a virtual machine hosting service provides flexibility and performance comparable to dedicated servers. Moreover, VM hosting can be highly scalable and easy to upgrade.

The Benefits of Virtual Machine Hosting for Businesses

A VM hosts one or more virtual machines, each of which emulates a computer’s hardware and runs its own operating system. This separation of a VM from the physical host allows it to be accessed in isolation and is important for security and data integrity.

The granularity of virtual machine systems also allows engineers to pinpoint and remediate any issue or breach more easily, reducing the chance of impacting other applications and resources in a broader environment.

Cost Savings

Running multiple virtual environments and applications on a single host can drastically reduce the physical infrastructure required on premises or in the cloud. In addition, virtual machine environments are developed to fit as many applications as possible on a server, creating more transparency into costs and giving organizations greater control over infrastructure and resources.

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