Acrylic Photo Prints

Acrylic Photo Prints

Acrylic photo prints are a popular option for many people looking to add a modern touch to their home decor. They can be used as wall art, tabletop displays and more.

Are acrylic prints shiny?

They can be customized to include text or quotes and are available in a variety of sizes for different budgets. They are durable and easy to clean, making them a great option for many locations.

The process of creating an acrylic photo print involves printing an image onto photographic paper and then sandwiching it between two 5mm pieces of acrylic and a metal backing. The back acrylic sheet can be black, white or transparent, depending on what looks best with the image you choose. Aluminum standoffs are then used to mount the acrylic frame to the wall, giving it a stunning look and the visual depth you’re looking for!

You can also get your photos printed into metallic photo paper to create an even more striking effect. Some companies even offer Tru Life acrylic, which provides 25% glare reduction and is scratch-resistant.

If you want your photos to have that high-end, luxury look but are on a budget, acrylic is the way to go. It offers a sleek and modern aesthetic that works well in both business settings and cozy homes. It’s also durable, which means it can be a great choice for outdoor bars and patios as well. It’s also light and humidity-resistant, so it won’t fade or warp as quickly as other types of prints.

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