Account Takeover Detection

Account Takeover Detection

account takeover detection

Account takeover detection  fraud is one of the most damaging threats for businesses and customers alike. It costs companies large amounts of money in chargebacks, customer loss and a dwindling reputation. Detecting these attacks requires continuous monitoring, or watching a customer’s transactions in real time.

ATO is typically committed by hackers who use phishing email and social media attacks to obtain account credentials. They then use those credentials to launch more serious attacks on other accounts.

In order to prevent these attacks, a company needs to secure its network at the Domain Name System (DNS) level. This will stop man-in-the-browser and zero-hour exploits, prevent data exfiltration, and protect the integrity of your network.

The Threat of Account Takeover and How to Stay Safe Online

When a hacker steals a user’s account credentials, it allows them to gain access to your system and use it for personal or commercial advantage. This can lead to a variety of fraudulent activities, including changing account details, sending phishing emails, or stealing financial information or sensitive data.

Using the stolen data, fraudsters often create fake login credentials. These fraudulently-created accounts can be used for a range of different purposes, from making purchases on the dark web to launching more aggressive account takeover attacks.

If you notice a sudden uptick in login failures or password changes, this could be a sign that someone has taken over your account. Additionally, if you notice a spike in change requests or changes to customer details such as email or mobile phone number, this is another clear indicator that an account has been compromised.

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