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A Desk That Rises Can Help You Switch Between Sitting and Standing

You’ve likely seen coworkers or even your boss standing at their desks, typing away as they work. You may have wondered if they’re really productive, or maybe even healthy.

What are the features of a gaming desk?

A desk that rises lets you switch between sitting and standing while working, helping you avoid neck and back strain as well as other common issues associated with sedentary work. The type of desk you’ll choose depends on a few things, including how much space you have to work with and what you plan to do while at the scrivania che si alza.

Many of the standing desks we reviewed, like this Jarvis from Herman Miller, have a base that can be raised in a way that allows you to adjust the height of your desktop. This makes them more flexible than the desktop-only versions, which only work with a single flat surface. It also allows you to add a variety of additional accessories, like a clamp-mounted surge protector, a monitor stand that holds up to 35 pounds, and magnetic hooks that can hold items like keys and pens.

One of the easiest ways to start a standing-desk journey is with a conversion kit, or desk-raiser, which can be installed directly onto your existing seated desktop. Most are made of steel and include a foot-operated lift, which you can use to move your desktop up or down. Some are motorized and have programmable presets, while others have manual controls with paddle or rotary switches.